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TerraClassicUSD (USTC) holds a remarkable distinction as one of the first algorithmic stablecoins, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of decentralized finance. Developed within the Terra ecosystem, TerraClassicUSD pioneered a groundbreaking approach to stability by utilizing sophisticated algorithms and mechanisms to maintain a consistent value. Unlike traditional stablecoins backed by physical assets or centralized reserves, USTC relied on an algorithmic framework that dynamically adjusted its supply in response to market conditions.

As the founder of Terra, Do Kwon envisioned a world where individuals have direct control over their financial transactions and economic well-being. TerraClassicUSD embodied his visionary perspective, emphasizing the pivotal role of decentralized money in reshaping our financial landscape. In an unfortunate turn of events, after the crash of LUNA in May.2022, the value of USTC plummeted to 0.01$ as the token was left with approximately $10B of bad debt. The same as in the case of LUNC, the community is doing everything in its power to reduce the supply of USTC and bring it back to its 1$ peg. So far, numerous ideas have been brought forward but no official attempt has been made.

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