Referral programs are commonplace within cryptocurrency exchanges, where users who refer new traders often receive a commission based on their trading activity. While some influencers and platforms prioritize their own profit by heavily promoting their referral codes, Cryptethic takes a different approach. We firmly believe in empowering users and fostering a collaborative environment within the cryptocurrency community. Therefore, we utilize referral commissions to directly support the projects our users are most passionate about. 80% of the trading commission generated while trading under a cryptethic referral code will go to supporting the cryptocurrency you want to champion.

Why should you trust us?

Understanding user concerns is paramount at Cryptethic. We are unwavering in our commitment to transparency. To this end, we are developing a comprehensive commission dashboard for each supported exchange. This real-time resource will be publicly available for all users to verify their earned commissions. While this feature will initially launch with a limited selection of exchanges, we are actively working to expand its reach. Furthermore, you can continue to monitor your individual commission generation directly on each exchange platform.

What do I need to do?

Not much. You'll be ready to go in 4 easy steps:

1. Create an account/sign up here on Cryptethic

2. Select an Exchange you don't have an account on

3. Create an account on selected Exchange using our referral code and start trading

4. Select the crypto project you want to support