How to create an account using our referral code.

1. Follow this link to the sign up page https://www.bitfinex.com/sign-up?refcode=WbXXB1Sz4 & make sure the referral code WbXXB1Sz4 is entered correctly

2. Complete registration

Image of Bitfinex sign up page

3. After you complete your registration, you need to verify your account: - at least basic plus verification is needed!

Image of Bitfinex identity verification page

4. Start trading

5. You have 6% fee discount for 6 months as a sign up bonus

6. If you want to generate more commission from your trading fees, you can buy & hold some LEO tokens as described below

7. Cryptethic will earn the following commission from the referees trading fees: 25% base commission once the referee verifies his account; a chance of a multiplier if the referee has an average holding of UNUS SED LEO tokens greater than 500 USDT LEO equivalent over the past 30 days:

- 1.1x for 500+ USDT worth of LEO; 28% total commission

- 1.2x for 5000+ USDT worth of LEO; 31% total commission

- 1.5x for 50.000+ USDT worth of LEO; 39% total commission