Cryptethic Whitepaper

Here is our whitepaper

Our percent

When you sign up on an exchange for the first time using our referral code, we start accumulating a % of your trading fees as commission (the % varies depending on the exchange you've opted for). At the end of each month, the commission generated by you will be used to subsidize the crypto project/s you selected. This will be done either by:

- reducing its supply through burning; funding development, in which case the capital raised will be sent to the project's community pool. Cryptethic is devoted to returning a minimum of 82.5% of the commission generated from your trading fees. The % can reach as much as 92.5% depending on the total amount of commission generated each month by the platform.

Everyone can see the total sum accumulated & the current level we are at here (button). There are 3 levels:

- Level 1 - less than $10,000 accrued - returns 80%;
- Level 2 - $10,000 - $20,000 accrued - returns 85%;
- Level 3 - more than $20,000 accrued - returns 90%;

After each month that reaches Level 3, the value of the levels will increase. 2.5% of the commission will go to the monthly prize pool. Every user that has generated at least $10 in commission will be automatically registered for the prize draw. $10 = one entry. Users that have generated more will have multiple entries, thus having a bigger chance to win (e.g., $60 in commission equals 6 entries).

At the end of each month, 5 users will be randomly selected to share the prize pool. For full transparency, we have integrated our platform with the exchanges to have live verifiable data from the commission dashboard on each exchange. This shows the commission generated on each exchange and how much of it has been claimed. You can verify this by going to the Exchange menu and selecting the one you want to view. The commission accrued will be claimed only on the last day of each month. Any other claims will be a violation of this agreement and we will be held accountable for it.

Also, on the last day of each month, the funds accumulated will be swapped to the corresponding token of each project and either burned or sent to the community pool of said project. The % will be in accordance with the level we have reached during that month (e.g., $30,000 in commission means Level 3 - 90% of the amount accrued for each crypto project will be swapped and burned/donated). The wallets & transaction history will be available for everyone to verify.

The profit obtained by the platform will be the % of the commission that is left at the end of each month, depending on the level achieved:

- e.g., $9,000 in commission earned by the platform = Level 1 - 80% burned + 2.5% prize pool - 17.5% of $9,000 profit;
- e.g., $15,000 in commission earned by the platform = Level 2 - 85% burned + 2.5% prize pool - 12.5% of $15,000 profit;
- e.g., $25,000 in commission earned by the platform = Level 3 - 90% burned + 2.5% prize pool - 7.5% of $25,000 profit;